Please join Rock Hal Elemem

Please join Rock Hall Elementary School and Main Street Rock Hall (MSRH) in creating a one-of-a-kind piece of public art. This year we would like to create a swashbuckling pirate themed display. Using yarn (knitting, crocheting, counted cross stitch, etc.) participants are asked to create a one dimensional (flat) pirate related object. Examples would be: pirates, swords, skull and cross bones, treasure chests, anchors, mermaids, pirate ships… use your imagination! Your creation does not need to be realistic so feel free to use bright colors.

Each object should be at least 1 foot in length. Bigger is better. The area of the completed project will be 6 ft high and over 60 ft long.

Use acrylic yarn. Wool and other natural fibers are more expensive and my not withstand the weather as well.

All yarn creations should be dropped off at The Hickory Stick (21326 E Sharp St, Rock Hall) by Saturday, July 3rd. They are open 7 days a week from 10-5.

We hope to hang the mural during the 3rd week of July. It will remain in place for about a month, or until the elements have taken their toll.

Please contact Laurie Walters ( for more information or to donate acrylic yarn, needles or crochet hooks.