Remember last year’s entertaining yarn bomb featured on the elementary school fence? Now’s the time to start knitting and crocheting for this year’s display… with a pirate theme!

Using yarn (knitting, crocheting, counted cross stitch, etc.) create a one dimensional (flat) pirate themed design. Examples would be: pirates, pirate ships, cannons, treasure chests, mermaids, skull and crossbones… you can even create pirate jargon like “ahoy” or “blimey” or “arrgg” by yarn wrapping the letters. Your creation does not need to be realistic, feel free to use bright colors and your imagination.

Each design should be at least 1 foot in length. Bigger is better. The area of the completed project will be 6ft high and over 60 ft long.

Use acrylic yarn. Wool and other natural fibers will not withstand the weather.

All yarn creations can be dropped off at The Hickory Stick during store hours (until April 1, Thursday -Monday 10am-5pm, After April 1, 7 days a week 10am-5pm). Tag with the artist’s name and email if possible. Please do not place in plastic bags.

Even though these won’t be hung until summer, winter is the perfect time to create your design.

Please contact Laurie Walters ( for more information or to donate acrylic yarn, needles, or crochet hooks.