The first major project the Main Street Committee has chosen to undertake is “The Murals of Rock Hall”. We chose to focus on this project due to its timeliness and its potential to both involve and benefit our community as well as visitors.

Call for Artists

We are accepting applications from qualified mural artists to develop and implement the murals for this project. Please visit the link below to apply.

Kent County Arts Council: Call for Mural Artists

Applications are due by midnight Friday, February 1, 2019.

Project Timeline

January 1st  – Complete and publish Artist Applications

February 1st  – Last date to accept Artist Applications

February 9th? – Judges meet to select winning artists

February 15th – “Winning” artists announced

February 18th – March 31 – Artists communicate with teachers and students, designs finalized, plans for execution developed, etc.

April 1- April 30 – Prep work done on existing walls, which could be started

earlier if weather permits.  Artists continue dialog with schools and plans

developed for involving community at large.

May 1 – June 7  –  Murals painted!

About the Project

This project became a priority of the Main Street Committee when it came to our attention that the four existing murals in Rock Hall were all – to a greater or lesser degree – in a state of deterioration and in need of attention, with several over 20 years old. The murals are located: 1) along the side wall of Bayside Foods facing Main; 2), on the rear side of the Java Rock building; 3) on the outside wall at the rear entrance to The Mainstay, and 4) along the back wall of the Clam House.

The murals referenced above are a proud reflection of our community and its heritage. Execution of all of the murals involved broad-based community input and “elbow grease” to bring them to fruition, including participation from local school children, artists, and other interested citizens. The Main Street Committee, therefore, plans over the next nine months, to actively seek involvement, input, and ideas, once again, from school children and community members, as we re-envision these murals for the future and recognize those who have contributed to their creation in the past.

To kick off the Murals of Rock Hall project we held an open house reception on Saturday, September 22, 2018, on Main Street. You can view the event flyer on its original event page.